Labioplasty (Ninfoplasty)

labioplastica-3More and more women require plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the genital area.
Among these, the most requested surgery, is undoubtedly the Labioplasty, or the REDUCTION OF SMALL LIPS vulvar where they are relaxed, with excess skin and that spills far beyond the labia majora, increased volume or frankly asymmetric, caused by genetic factors , hormonal, chronic irritation or childbirth. Often when the patient is standing they protrude beyond the vulvar opening, “hang” down over the labia. This condition is most common during puberty (primary juvenile hypertrophy), but can also occur after pregnancy or menopause. Often associated hyperpigmentation of the same due to the continuous friction on underwear. Sometimes the ‘hypertrophy is more severe, much to determine skin folds on either side of the clitoris.
This condition may be congenital or worsen with aging. Although usually asymptomatic, the hypertrophy of the labia minora can cause physical discomfort (eg. The rubbing during sporting activities or sexual intercourse, discomfort in ‘wear tight jeans or tight underwear, swimwear, …) or psychological (in embarrassment undress in front of the partners. in more severe cases, simple movements can create lacerations and / or fungal infections and also for stagnation of secretions.
An intervention of Labioplasty, simple surgical removal of excess skin, eliminates all of these symptoms improve considerably appearance and if necessary the associated hyperpigmentation.
correct indications for the intervention of Labioplasty
Given the great technical simplicity of the intervention Labioplasty, they are candidates for this plastic surgery all women in which the excess of skin does not allow a proper closing of small or, sometimes, of the labia majora.
It should also be noted for completeness, that at present have not yet been published long-term scientific studies about the patients satisfaction or improving the sexual life of the same.


The most important aspect in view of the intervention of Labioplasty is proper hygiene. Genital infections and diseases, a contraindication to this plastic surgery and should be treated before you do so.
Lavenders gynecological disinfectants are recommended the night before and pubo-crotch hair removal a few days before the intervention.
It is also advisable to stop taking certain medications (such as aspirin and birth control pills) and quit smoking in the 30 days before and after the intervention, worth a wound healing delay.
Observe fasting 6 hours before the ‘intervention.
The Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery of simple execution, so the complications are rare. However genital area is affected by a strong bacterial load and subjected to tractions caused by normal movements of the legs. Therefore small superficial wound infection and dehiscence are more frequent than in other interventions. But it is a skin removal even more important infections go away with some additional medication and without any consequence.

The surgery

The intervention of Labioplasty can be performed under local anesthesia, associated or not, to a slight sedation if the patient wished. This deep sedation is also known as “sleepy”: the patient will be relaxed until you reach a state of drowsiness.
The local anesthesia, for the intervention of Labioplasty, allows to minimize the use of drugs and allows an immediate recovery after surgery. The transaction will be totally painless: you will be given an injection just perceptible on the fabrics to be treated. The intervention of Labioplasty is performed in the operating room for reasons of hygiene and safety in the system of one-day-surgery. It lasted almost an hour.
At the end of the absorbable points they are applied.
Profit for the ‘local application of ice at 20 minute intervals for the first 6 hours after the intervention.
Keep the legs tight right after the operation to create a compression that decreases the post-operative swelling.
The operation has no negative consequences in future sexual relations, nor for the pregnancies.
The results are well appreciated after a month. The scars disappear in two months.

Post Surgical and recovery time

PERSONAL HYGIENE: The day after surgery you can take a warm shower or a bath.
Are advisable lavenders gynecological day and night with cold water for the first week. Use diluted betadine gynecologic or Saforelle gentle clearing care. Then use a towel to dry the honeycomb.
It is very useful vaginal application of Turnover Plus eggs, one egg per day for the first week.
Wash after each time you urinate. If you are at work, using water spray as Avène and dry with a non-abrasive sponge (do not use toilet paper or Kleenex tissues).
It prohibited the use of absorbent for 2 weeks.
LAUNDRY: Since the day after surgery is recommended locally apply a greasy gauze on the vulva and light protection on cotton underpants.
Wear wide Underwear and never tight jeans.
PRECAUTIONS: A modest post-operative bleeding can last from 2 to 5 days.
Swelling and bruising are almost always present.
The stitches will fall on their own in a few weeks.
Do not take antibiotics on their own initiative, including drugs, especially anti-platelet like Aspirin.
Do not ride your bike or motorcycle for a month, or ride a horse for two months.
Wait three weeks before making sea bathing.
Avoid sexual intercourse for one month after the operation.
The sport can be resumed in 3-4 weeks, the disappearance of the swelling.

Potential complications

Are generic, albeit rare, associated with the surgical procedure and include wound infection, bleeding, hematoma, hyposensitivity, venous thrombosis (calculated via stockings elastocompressive), delayed or hypertrophic scarring, wound healing delay, synechiae, discolorations , hypo- or overcorrection of the defect and residual asymmetry (after 6-12 months you can re-operate with any retouching), the reopening of the wound (<5%) that can still be managed with advanced medications. Dr. Grassetti outpatient follow you before and after intervention to minimize these risks.